We offer a variety of software solutions for our customers. We take pride in creating software solutions which resolve operational issues and deliver tangible value on a daily basis. VPS Technology   mission is to organize, store, protect and simplify the management and access of confidential documents and information.


Manage Income Categories

  • Income Categories.
  • Income Report
  • Assigning Amount to a Category

Receivable Payment History  📚 

  • Date Wise Payment receivable History
  • Track Payable Amount
  • Full Debit and Credit Function

Payable Payment History  📰 

  • Full Debit and Credit Function
  • Date Wise Payment Payable History
  • Tracking Payment Reason

Track Expenses   

  • Store expense record with reference
  • Ability to keep records of daily expenses
  • Export daily, weekly, monthly, yearly expenses report.

Bank Statement  📑 

  • Manage Bank Accounts (Add, update, etc.)
  • System will keep records of Bank Transaction
  • Bank Transaction history
  • Deposit History
  • Withdrawal History

 Advanced Graphical Reporting 

  • Better Goth Visualization
  • Monitor your growth daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reports
  • Include Pie charts, Line Charts
  • Applying Filter
  • Compare actual Income and Expense with budget

Why You Need Account Management Software ? 

It Automates Redundant tasks

Data entry is time-consuming. With any well-known Accounts System, mechanized installment plans enable you to to enter a client’s data once. A client’s installment propensities and acquiring history are followed for reference. When gathering installments is expected, you’ll at that point get payments without putting in additional work from your end. It likewise gives you merchant history and maturing with reports for every part which makes finding and recovering invoices and payments faster quicker. The aggregate of every exchange history is additionally spared in the framework without you having to enter the information individually physically. Not exclusively does this spares you time. However, this likewise dispenses with potential blunders from interpreting data manually. Numerous banks also permit a direct download of your financial balance so you can easily input without much of a stretch info an entire month of exchanges.


Product Management 

This Feature allows you to manage your product easily ! You can monitor your products activity from here.

Stock Management 

  •   A Smart Stock management system. You will have all standard features for stock management function.
  •   Integrated Stock Manager with billing.


  •  Bill/Invoice
  • Custom tax rates per products
  • Select TAX Type for invoices
  • Custom discount rates per products
  •  Integrated Stock Manager
  • Decent Invoice Printing template.
  •  Reports & Statement.

 Customer Database & Integrated Ledger 

  • Customer Management
  • Add/update customer
  •  Get Record of Invoices with specific customer
  •  Income & Expenses by customer
  •  Income & Expenses by customer
  • Customers Ledger
  • Transaction History
  •  Customer Due Management

 Supplier Database & Integrated Ledger 

  • Supplier Management
  • Add/update Supplier
  • System can store supplier info. like mobile number, address, etc.
  • Get Record of Invoices with specific Supplier
  • Get Record Purchase orders
  • Payment record to supplier
  • Supplier Ledger
  • Transaction History & Due
  • Supplier payment Management

Integrated Accounts System  

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Full Debit and Credit Function.
  • Accounts Receivable Function.
  • Accounts Payable
  • Customer & Supplier Ledger

Track Sales

  • Ability to keep records of daily sales
  • System can export daily, weekly, monthly, yearly sales report.

Order Return 

  • System can revoke any order
  • System also capable for revoking certain product from a specific order.
  • Return Invoice

Track Expenses  

  • Organize expenses category.
  • Store expense record with reference.
  • Ability to keep records of daily expenses.
  •  System can export daily, weekly, monthly, yearly expenses report

Bank Statement 

  • Manage multiples bank account.
  • System will keep records of Bank Transaction.
  •  Bank Transaction history
  • Deposit History.
  •  Withdrawal History.
  • Track Check transaction history